What is HPBX (hosted PBX)?

When it comes to virtual telephone systems and internet telephony (IP telephony), you will often come across technical terms such as VoIP, Centrex and PBX as well as HPBX. What is hosted PBX and why is it considered to be forward-looking?

Hosted PBX: Cloud telephony with virtual telephone systems

Many companies have already discovered the cloud for themselves and are managing, storing and sharing data via cloud-based assets. This saves you space on your hard disks or in the archive and allows you to use numerous applications over the internet, offering more flexibility or even security and comfort. DVDs were replaced by video streams, CDs by cloud-based music platforms such as Netflix, and fax and Co. replaced by online fax services. Cloud-based telephony is now also possible via hosted PBX. The classic PBX - Private Branch Exchange with local landline or mobile network connections - is coupled to the internet and the cloud, enabling web-based telephony with virtual telephone systems and VoIP telephones.

Instead of relying on classic telephone systems, you register with a provider such as toplink, which provides the telephone system virtually in your browser. It hosts them on its servers and provides the online service around the clock for a fee. You create a user account with the provider, use a SIP-capable VoIP telephone and a high-speed broadband internet connection such as VDSL and make calls via the cloud. After registering and assigning the SIP address, this service can be used anywhere, both in the office and in the home office as well as abroad and on the road or mobile. This is a major advantage of HPBX for cloud telephony. Hosted PBX, sometimes called VPBX (Virtual Private Branch Exchange), Cloud-telephone system or IP-Centrex, digitizes the phone calls and forwards the data over the internet using a SIP protocol.

The advantages of HPBX

As with general cloud computing, the use of hosted PBX for cloud telephony offers greater flexibility, financial savings and ease of use. The elimination of regular analogue telephone systems makes it easier to set up new extensions in the office. Internal calls within the company can be made free of charge and fixed-line calls are also cheaper. A user-friendly web interface allows administrators and users (with limited access) to manage internet telephony. Various personalization options and functions such as with PBX are also available with HPBX telephone systems from the VoIP provider, from the answering machine and the queue via conference call and call forwarding.

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