What is a VoIP telephone system?

Virtually everyone uses the telephone in everyday business life, whether for internal calls or communication with the outside world. The usual telephone system does not necessarily have to be used for this because there is a modern, internet-based alternative: the VoIP telephone system. How does it work?

Communicating over the internet

VoIP and SIP are two protocols that make it possible to make telephone calls over the internet. For this purpose, a virtual telephone system is used, which is offered by a VoIP provider and administered via software and browser. Calls are made via the internet, whether within the company, in the home country or abroad and in fixed or mobile networks. Once you have logged on to the provider and set up the extensions for the active users in addition to the main user account, you can use the VoIP telephone system from any location, even in your home office or on business trips. This type of flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of virtual telephone systems. They are also easy to manage and the installation by the technician and maintenance contracts are saved. VoIP telephony is a suitable solution in a company where many employees communicate internally or where new employees are constantly being added or field offices are used. In-house calls are made free of charge via the provider’s servers and the call and usage costs are generally also cheaper. According to the 2013 annual report of the Federal Network Agency, some 11.1 million people in Germany were already using advanced VoIP technology at the end of 2012.

How the VoIP telephone system works

On the one hand, you need the fastest possible internet connection - broadband like DSL, VDSL or even fiber-optic technology - and on the other hand, a VoIP telephone or IP-enabled telephone that supports SIP. The phone is connected to the internet and the company network. The SIP protocol is responsible for connection control and call setup and termination, and voice over IP converts the call data so that it can be forwarded over the internet. The provider provided a web-based interface to manage the data and the virtual telephone system. Additional hardware is not necessary, whereby depending on the internet connection and VoIP system, a SIP trunk is used as an intermediary or a VoIP gateway that supports IP telephony. The SIP provider offers various contracts that can be tailored to your company.

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