What is a SIP telephone system?

Virtual telephone systems are becoming more and more popular, which enable German companies to achieve flexibility and cost savings, and are future-oriented and tailored to the internet. What distinguishes the SIP telephone system (also called VoIP telephone system) and makes it so interesting for companies?

Virtual telephony with the SIP telephone system

Virtual telephony relies on a VoIP phone that supports SIP and a web-based telephone system. The latter is provided and managed by a provider. You log in to it, create a user account and then set up extensions for all employees as needed. The advantage of handling calls over the internet is that internal calls can be made free of charge. Whoever calls to landlines or mobile networks in Germany and abroad can look forward to cheaper tariffs, as calls are made via the provider’s IP networks and servers.

At the heart of the SIP telephone system is a telephone that uses Voice over IP and converts voice data into packets that can be transmitted over the internet. Most phones rely on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to establish the connection and transfer the data. The customer reports the call to the SIP provider, is forwarded to their server and can make virtual calls. SIP telephones can be implemented as telephone systems and individual devices as well as softphones (e. g. the combination of a virtual telephone system and a computer). It is basically a normal telephone, but you can dial SIP addresses as well as phone numbers. These are structured like e-mail addresses. The SIP device is connected to the company’s Ethernet and uses the broadband connection such as the VDSL connection.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The SIP telephone system is easy to operate and manage.
  • No additional hardware is required, only the VoIP phone.
  • You can save money in two ways: no maintenance contracts and technical services for installation (extensions) as well as low usage fees and telephone costs.
  • VoIP telephony is not local. You can also log in with your access data from home, on the road or from abroad.

After the initial purchase there are hardly any costs, only the contract fees to the provider.

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