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Why unified communications will revolutionize your working life

Nowadays, modern communication knows no bounds. We can communicate with other people at any time, anywhere and from any device, whether at work or at home. ”Permanent availability” is the watchword here.

Unified communications will revolutionize your working life. It’s easy to reduce complexity, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

But let’s face it: For some, constant availability is a dream of productivity, for others it is a vision of horror. There have been enough ”tricks” in the past to avoid this accessibility: Whether it was alleged radio holes or used batteries, everyone can sing a song of such ”white lies”. In order to prevent this from happening in the future and to make efficient use of the full potential of networked communication, a professional organization is imperative. In the long run, no one will be able to endure being caught up in the daytime by employees, in the evening by a conference call from the American customer and finally at night by a few e-mails from the boss. Communicative breaks should, must and may be. The problem is not the ”break” that everyone needs, but when everyone takes a break on their own initiative, without having coordinated or coordinated it with their team. This must inevitably lead to frustration for all parties involved, if important contacts are ”gone” and thus hinder the own workflow. The attempt to reach a colleague first by e-mail, then via his or her mobile phone, via WhatsApp and finally via SMS is not a sign of commitment, but of a lack of coordination.

Exploit the full potential of unified communications for your business!

Modern unified communications systems such as Microsoft Skype for Business offer numerous innovative possibilities to constructively deal with ”permanent accessibility”.

Microsoft Skype for Business, a business-centered Unified Communications platform, is also bringing a whole new perspective to the way business and home life are linked. We communicate with business partners, customers and colleagues as well as our own family and friends across a wide range of devices and operating systems. A very user-friendly client makes it easy for us to communicate with colleagues and business partners everywhere. Be it via chat, video, audio or by using one of the numerous meeting functions. A link to the business-Outlook calendar is provided natively. The presence display or chat feature helps us coordinate the planned dinner with friends. From a purely economic point of view, these are simple examples of interactive tools of the unified communications systems that we can use to make collaboration as efficient as possible and thus increase our productivity.

Coordination becomes child’s play with just one click: During the video conference, which is recorded in the calendar via an Outlook appointment, the presence display is automatically set to ”busy” so that all participants in the network are informed about it. The basic operation on the smartphone or tablet is almost identical. In future, it will no longer matter whether the employee is in the office, in the home office or anywhere in the world. A cloud-based unified communications tool such as Skype for Business creates flexibility and freedom while increasing productivity.

And the beautiful thing is: You can be reached anywhere and at any hour, but when the break is urgently needed, the Unified Communications systems also offer the absence status display. Everyone is informed about this and off we go home for a well-deserved evening off. Completely classic analog style.

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