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Why engineering firm Gruber chooses a cloud telephone system

The hour has come: Telekom ISDN will switch off by 2018 at the latest. Until then, many companies will have to look for a new telephony solution. But what factors must be considered when searching? We accompany the Gruber, a medium-sized company with more than 100 employees spread over several locations.

Analysis of the actual situation of the engineering firm Gruber

Engineering firm Gruber is a medium-sized company with headquarters in the Ruhrpott region and 7 locations throughout Germany with a total of more than 100 employees. Each site has its own ISDN telephone system with telephone and fax machines. In addition, they each have a separate Internet connection with 4 Mbps SDSL via a low-cost provider, so that all employees can research the Internet quickly and send large amounts of data without any problems.

The industry requires a high degree of flexibility: In order for the engineers to be close to the customer and quickly on site, it is necessary to open temporary offices directly at the site for a period of about one year. However, as the minimum contract terms of most telephone providers are longer, the employees concerned only have mobile phones, which is associated with high costs and a lack of functionality.

Managing Director Dr. Gruber has been dissatisfied with the telephony situation for some time now. Since he has learned that Telekom will switch off ISDN by 2018 at the latest and that ISDN telephone systems will then no longer work, the manager wants to act proactively instead of being faced with faits accomplis. As an enthusiastic technology fan and early adopter, the patchwork of individual telephone systems at every location is a thorn in his side: He considers them old-fashioned, inefficient, inflexible and far too expensive: He prefers a cloud-based telephony solution. In his opinion, a modern company also needs an innovative communication solution ”from a single source”. In addition, he considers it unnecessary to invest in a large, expensive and permanently installed telephone system.

Requirement profile for the telephone system

Dr. Gruber is looking for a cloud-based telephone system that connects all his company locations. He needs a sufficient number of telephones and fax machines at all locations. The system should offer as much flexibility as possible so that additional extensions can be added or reduced at short notice. In addition, he wants to integrate mobile phones into corporate telephony so that his employees can be reached under their normal office number while on the move, without incurring any costs for call forwarding. Moreover, telephone conferences should be possible by default without having to dial an external provider. It is very important to him to keep the previous telephone numbers of the branches with the respective prefixes, so that his customers do not have to get used to the new ones. The investment should be as low as possible. He prefers to have all components ”from a single source” so that there are no unnecessary compatibility problems.

Research and contact

During his internet research he comes across toplink GmbH, which, after competent advice, offers him a great offer that is perfectly tailored to the needs of his company: As a basis, toplink recommends for each of the 7 locations a telephone connection – the product is called SIP Business – with 10 voice channels: This means that up to 10 simultaneous outgoing conversations and an unlimited number of incoming calls are possible per location. With the SIP Business connection, a cloud telephone system will be connected to the network, with which all locations will be able to make calls via VoIP in the future. In order to have all components from a single source, he also wants to handle the internet connection via toplink, as not only the price and the large bandwidth are attractive, but also the voice and connection quality are in the hands of the same provider. toplink recommends a fiber optic connection with 100 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth for the central station and an SDSL connection with 4 Mbps each for the respective locations.

The result: The toplink solution proposal

The toplink cloud telephone system meets all requirements of Dr. Gruber: All seven sites are connected to the same cloud telephone system. As a result, employees can make calls to each other free of charge from one location to the next. Setting up telephone conferences, taking along the previous phone numbers and connecting fax machines are no problem at all. His employees are permanently integrated into the telephone system with their mobile phones, which significantly reduces costs. toplink even offers him the opportunity to flexibly equip his temporary project locations with telephone and internet connections and connect them to the cloud telephone system.

Company management is convinced of the Cloud telephone system

Above all, Dr. Gruber likes the fact that he does not have to make a high investment for a new system, which is dusty in the basement and requires regular, cost-intensive maintenance. The cloud telephone system is completely internet-based and is constantly monitored by toplink experts in the data center in Frankfurt am Main. The cloud telephone system can be easily configured via a web-based interface. This also means that you can flexibly add or reduce extensions from month to month. In addition, the cloud telephone system has 160 practical and convenient functions such as call holding, callback, switching, taking over calls, redialing, waiting music, individual waiting music, call lists, boss/secretary function, flexible caller ID display or a multifunctional address book. In short: The toplink cloud telephone system offers more functionality, more convenience and more flexibility. Dr. Gruber is completely satisfied with this solution!

And what does this have to do with my company?

Do you see yourself in Dr. Gruber and his company? Are you in a similar situation? Of course we know: Every company has its own individual requirements! Talk to us about it: We will find an individual solution for you that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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