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The new world of communication: Dream or nightmare?

A few weeks ago, a good acquaintance of mine asked me why the image of our mobile and telecommunications providers in Germany was so bad. He couldn’t have imagined it in his wildest dreams. Then he, a successful self-employed entrepreneur, told me one of these countless examples, in which he had to struggle with a disturbed DSL/network connection for 23 days. Frustrated, he reported at least 50 unsuccessful conversations with providers and network managers, not adhering to deadlines, blaming each other and his feeling of not being a customer, but a small insignificant data package in the eternal stream of worldwide communication.

Let’s be honest: This friend is not alone. Anyone who shares such experiences – as in this case himself – receives the approval of anonymous fellow sufferers on a broad scale on the net: I know ”,” Service desert Germany ”,” all completely incompetent ”,” was even worse with me ”,” was offline with my travel agency for 2 weeks – but it didn’t bother anyone ”,”rip-off”,” the word service doesn’t exist with them”. What is fundamentally going wrong? How can this happen in an industry that has set out to make modern technology available to us for work and everyday life? This paints a picture of the possibilities of this new world in the very brightest colors, but has nevertheless led to a high frustration potential at user level. Telecommunications should be enjoyable and should not be perceived as a permanent source of error or a cause of hours of wasted time.

Dream or nightmare?

So what exactly is going wrong?

We as toplink are part of this telecommunications industry. We are benefiting from the immense progress in the telecommunications industry.

We take these reactions in the market seriously. We don’t want to make it easy for ourselves to simply assert that toplink customers are highly satisfied customers. We see our responsibility beyond that. We therefore want to ask questions and give advice in a series of blogs, both to users and providers, about what should be done to make this new world of communication tangible ”without frustration”.

It is a ”toplink Guide com2020” in which we – including external – communication experts, engineers and practitioners provide a place for contributions on how the new UCC and mobile world can function more smoothly and more user-oriented. We connect customers and suppliers in this blog. It is not about accusations, it is about the question of what we can all do better – born from reports of experience, our own knowledge and good communication.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Yours, Patrick Ensign

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