The 7 main advantages of VoIP

It has already started: By 2018, one of the biggest changes in the history of telecommunications will be completed. Deutsche Telekom will switch off all analog and ISDN connections for companies and convert its entire network to IP-based connections (VoIP).

Time and again, we see that many companies underestimate the scope of this change and put it off. ”It’s more than 2 years to 2018, why should I care about it today?” is a common reaction. But this is a misconception: It is by no means the case that Deutsche Telekom will terminate the connections on January 1,2018. Rather, it is a process that has long since begun and should be completed by 2018 at the latest . The contracts of many customers have already been terminated. This means that it can also hit your company much earlier.

Preparing for VoIP Migration

In this context, many customers underestimate how much preparation and research is required to find a new telephone provider or future-oriented telephony solution.

A comparison: How long do you research until you buy a new car? You don’t do that by the by within two days, because you know that you will be driving the car for a few years and you have to be able to rely on it. That’s why you can look at different models, read reports, get recommendations and listen to what friends and colleagues have experienced, and take a test drive or two. You weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different models, price and performance against each other. You will find out what has happened since your last car purchase and what new technical possibilities and features you are interested in. And only then, after several weeks, even months, do you make a well-considered decision for a certain model.

Don’t take VoIP migration lightly

We recommend that you deal with the decision for a new telephony solution at least as seriously. After all, the entire communication of your company is at stake. Internal communication with colleagues as well as external communication with customers and suppliers. No company can afford to lose this channel.

VoIP offers great opportunity for new possibilities

Switching to VoIP also offers the opportunity to redefine telephony in your company. We show you 7 advantages of VoIP telephony. Afterwards you will be convinced by yourself that a change is already worthwhile today.

1. Telephony becomes communication

Voice over IP means telephony over the internet. Simply put, voice is broken down into data packets and transmitted over the internet. All you need in the future is a correspondingly strong internet connection. The special thing about this is: This internet connection allows not only voice, i.e. audio data, but any kind of data to be transmitted. This means that you can use the same internet connection to make phone calls, hold video conferences, chat, exchange files or simply share files: Virtual collaboration. This turns telephony into communication.

2. Virtual collaboration

Switching to VoIP means not only an upgrade of the telephone system, but also a strategic investment. Through the integration of voice and data, it is now possible to connect telephone and screen. Use video conferencing and online meetings for face-to-face meetings with partners and customers. This way you create a positive customer experience.

3. Accessible anywhere with VoIP

Telephone calls can be as mobile as e-mails. No matter where you are: Log in with your personal access data on an IP telephone or via a softclient and you can now be reached via your usual fixed network number. And with an appropriate app you can even be reached on your mobile phone via your fixed network number. So you won’t miss another call.

4. Excellent VoIP voice quality

With VoIP you use the latest voice standard of telephony, which enables excellent voice quality: HD Voice. Thanks to this new transmission technology, the voices of the conversation participants can be heard more clearly and with greater presence. Thus, HD Voice increases the general speech intelligibility.

5. Save costs with VoIP

Did you know that with VoIP you can make calls up to 62% cheaper than ISDN? Reduce your costs with a lot of cheap call rates and flat rates for calls to national and international destinations as well as mobile phones. And internal telephony is completely free of charge. So, if your company with multiple locations is at the same VoIP provider, your employees can call each other for free.

6. No classical telephone system required anymore

Virtual VoIP telephone systems are no longer in the basement or server room, but in the cloud. This means that they are hosted by a provider in the highly secure data center and are therefore completely web-based. This saves you investment, maintenance and electricity costs.

7. VoIP means Plug & Call

Connect your phone to the Internet and off you go. A web browser-based user interface allows you to easily manage and extend your VoIP telephone system – even across multiple locations. There you can easily configure the individual users, assign the phone numbers, set up call groups and much more.

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