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Tax consultancy Gründlich & the cloud telephone system

The hour has come: Telekom ISDN will switch off by 2018 at the latest. Until then, many companies will have to look for a new telephony solution. But what factors must be considered when searching? Is your head buzzing with technical terms like SIP trunking, SBC, TLS/SRTP or virtual private branch exchange? Terms you’ve never heard of before, and let’s face it: which you don’t really care about?

We have looked at our customers from a very specific angle: Are there certain requirement patterns that repeat themselves particularly often with customers? Are there homogeneous customer segments that are very similar in terms of their actual situation, product requirements and the desired solution? Today we accompany the tax consultancy Gründlich, an owner-managed company with 30 employees in one location.

Each of the 30 employees has a PC workstation with internet access and telephone. There is also a fax machine in the secretary’s office and in the executive offices. For years, the firm has had an ISDN telephone system in the basement, with which it is very satisfied. In addition, it obtains an internet connection with 4 Mbps SDSL via a low-cost provider, so that its employees can research the internet quickly and send large amounts of data without any problems.

Analysis of the actual situation: Telephony

Recently, Mr. Gründlich read that Telekom will switch off ISDN at the latest in 2018 and that his good-old ISDN telephone system will then no longer be compatible. He heard from a colleague of an association from another city that Telekom had already terminated the ISDN contracts in his area code much earlier. The colleague was in quite a predicament because he was totally caught off guard by the termination and had to make a decision for a new telephony solution within a very short time. As a clever businessman, Mr. Gründlich recognized immediately the urgent need for action.

Individual requirements for the new telephone system

For his 30 employees, he needs a corresponding number of telephone lines so that all colleagues can make calls at the same time. He wanted to continue using his desktop phones, because he had only bought them 2 years earlier. It is very important for him to be able to continue to connect his fax machines to the system, as many of his customers communicate with his company by fax. In addition, he wants to keep his old phone numbers of course, so that his customers don’t have to get used to new ones. He would prefer to have all components ”from a single source” so that there are no unnecessary compatibility problems.

Research and contact: The cloud telephone system

During his internet research he comes across toplink GmbH, which, after competent advice, offers him a great offer that is perfectly tailored to the needs of his company: As a basis, toplink recommends an Internet-based telephone connection to Mr. Gründlich – the product is called SIP Business – with 10 voice channels: This means that up to 10 simultaneous outgoing conversations and an unlimited number of incoming calls are possible. With the SIP Business connection, a cloud telephone system is connected to the network, with which Mr. Gründlich will then be making telephone calls via Voice over IP(VoIP). At a later time, Mr. Gründlich would also like to handle the internet connection via toplink, because not only the price and the large bandwidth are attractive, but also the quality of the voice and connection are in the hands of the same provider. In the beginning he is a little skeptical, because he hadn’t heard many good things about the voice quality of VoIP. But once he made a test call with his secretary and understood her crystal clear, he is convinced of telephony over the internet.

The result: The toplink cloud telephone system

The toplink cloud telephone system meets all requirements of Mr. Gründlich. Taking his old phone number and fax connection with him is no problem at all. The table phones can continue to be used. In addition, the cloud phone system has over 160 features. He doesn’t need all of them, but since they are already included and don’t cost anything extra, he will be happy to take them. Above all, Mr. Gründlich is thrilled that he does not have to spend an expensive amount of money on a new system, which is dusty in the basement and requires regular, cost-intensive maintenance. The cloud telephone system is completely internet-based and is constantly monitored by toplink experts in the data center in Frankfurt am Main. On a web-based interface, you can easily configure the configuration of the cloud phone system.

Company management is convinced of the Cloud telephone system

After Mr. Gründlich compared the offer and the prices with the Telekom, he is convinced: He chooses the toplink Cloud telephone system with a SIP Business telephone connection. At the next meeting, he can proudly report on this to his associate.

And what does this have to do with my company?

Do you see yourself in Mr. Gründlich and his company? Are you perhaps in a similar situation? Have a little look around and accompany the engineering firm Gruber on their search for a cloud telephone system or find out how the cloud telephone system rocks the ”Rock am Ring”festival.

Of course we know: Every customer is different! Talk to us about it: We will find an individual solution for you that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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