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Should business communication be a matter for the boss?

Business communication or information and telecommunications (ITC) used to be quite simple: The IT manager in the company ordered a telephone system, if there was one at all, when the old one was outdated and had to connect it to the home network.

Working together more efficiently – When the boss makes the decision about the communication solution…

Basta, that’s it for the next 10-12 years. Today, quite different questions have to be answered – not only in large companies: Bring your own device?! Can everyone bring their own iPad and work with it? Are iPhones allowed? Are we moving from the classic telephone system to modern IP telephony? Can the marketing department use Skype to chat with their international colleagues abroad? Let’s be honest: In many companies, these issues have not even been resolved. But the next, far more difficult one is already on its way: Who is allowed to access important company data with devices that allow everything and, if so, which ones? Does the regional manager still ”own” certain customer data exclusively or does he have to share it with other colleagues who need to access it if he is on holiday?

These are questions that lead to conflicts in the day-to-day life of companies and with which a traditional IT department has long since become overwhelmed. Not to mention issues related to working more efficiently with each other, increasing customer effectiveness or general cost savings throughout the company…

A modern, integrated communications solution can answer all these questions. But who is to define such a thing? Who controls, who defines these strategic decisions and the associated communication flows in the companies? Let’s be frank: In most cases, nobody. We come across isolated solutions, emergency solutions or no solutions at all. Often, such tasks are only marginally assigned to marketing or sales.

Wouldn’t it make sense to assign what we call modern integration communication solutions (Unified Communications) directly to the CEO or managing director – or in every board an own ”Communication, interaction & productivity” division? The world is changing, only – apparently – our structures are not changing. What do you think? I would be very interested in your opinion.

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