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International locations: Reduce telephony costs and increase data protection

Companies with locations in different countries often have the problem that for international locations they are dependent on a telephone system of a provider from the respective country with corresponding national telephone numbers. This can entail significant risks for your company in terms of compliance, data protection and telephony costs.

We will show you how to best manage this situation, increasing data protection, ensuring compliance, improving compatibility and saving costs.

Each site has had its own telephony solution so far

An exemplary situation could be as follows: In Germany, the company’s head office has provider A for its telephony services, its branch office in Switzerland is with provider B and its colleagues in Austria with provider C.

Problems with compliance, compatibility, data protection

As a consequence, this means that different telephone systems in the same company are working side by side. We are well aware of the unavoidable side effects: System breakdowns, compatibility and interface issues, data protection and encryption uncertainties. In addition, each site must configure and maintain its own telephone system.

High call costs due to international calls within the company

In addition, there are considerable call costs: Calls between your company locations count as international calls and are charged at the corresponding rates. The weekly update call between team members quickly becomes a cost trap.

Worldwide telephony with one and the same provider

The scenario, which we have described here as an example for the DACH region, can be transferred at will, depending on where your company’s locations are distributed. One can imagine, however, what the data protection regulations at a location, e. g. in South Africa, are like or what the costs of a telephone call between Bangkok and Munich are.

Strong customer need: Connecting international locations

Many customers have told us about their problem that they are looking for an efficient solution to this situation: They want to integrate international locations into their VoIP telephony architecture, but have not yet found a provider that makes this possible.

With our new product SIP Business International we are closing this gap. With SIP Business International you can connect company locations in more than 50 countries with the respective national number ranges of technically identical VoIP infrastructures.

Reliable solutions for international locations sought

Companies that operate globally need reliable solutions. Such solutions only work reliably if the entire communication infrastructure is homogeneously designed and no ”hand knitted” special solutions with new vulnerable interfaces are required.

SIP Business International at a glance:

  • Your complete telephony solution is with the same provider: no more system crashes or compatibility problems
  • Free internal calls between your company locations
  • With the Euro-Flatrate, you can make calls up to 62% cheaper with external calls.
  • Increase of data protection: German data protection guidelines apply
  • All services are hosted in Germany
  • Your internal calls are protected by high-security encryption (TLS & SRTP)
  • Microsoft certified: Ideal for Skype for Business
  • Porting previous foreign numbers without problems
  • Minimize administration: Central configuration of your telephone system
  • Only one single phone bill

Cost advantages through free internal calls

The biggest advantage: In the future, international locations will be able to use SIP Business International to make free phone calls to each other. To maximize the savings potential, simply book a Euro-Flatrate from 10€ per month: This covers your European external calls.

Milestone for German SMEs

toplink CEO Jens Weller: ”We meet our customers’ needs by internationalizing the VoIP- and cloud-based telephone network, enabling free calls or fax communication between and for international locations. In contrast to many of our competitors, even large ones, we are now in a position to offer this integration on the basis of German guidelines in many countries, including emergency calls, number porting and all the usual technical functionalities (fax integration, call forwarding, etc.)”.

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