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Decide last minute – no thanks!

Looking forward to your next summer holiday? Just getting away and enjoying life to the fullest. Do you already know where to go on holiday? The earlier you book, the better the choice. After all, all your holiday wishes should be fulfilled.

Don’t miss the connection! Switch to the cloud telephone system now.

And what about telephony in your company? Have you already booked your ticket to the cloud?

The ISDN network will be switched off throughout the country in 2018. A last-minute decision for your company’s telephony is out of the question, isn’t it? You don’t do without any of your needs and the price also plays a role.

Getting to your cloud telephone system – What do you really need?

But how do you determine what your company needs? Here are 6 questions that will make it easier for you to get into the cloud.

1. How many employees do you have who need a telephone?

You employ 30 people? If you choose a SIP Channel 10,10 simultaneous outgoing calls are no longer a problem for you. Incoming calls are also no problem – depending on the provider, even unlimited.

2. Does your company have multiple locations?

The cloud telephone system enables you to connect all of your company’s sites, home offices and even your field staff via a single telephone system. At the same time, it is possible that your international locations may also have international telephone numbers. Within the toplink network you can of course make free phone calls!

3. Do you still need a fax machine?

Either connect your usual fax machines to your cloud telephone system using a fax-to-VoIP adapter and you can send and receive faxes as before. Or you can also receive your fax messages conveniently by e-mail via Fax-to-Mail.

4. Do you have a stable and fast internet connection?

For example, a company with 10 employees needs an internet connection of approx. 2 Mbps purely for telephony in excellent quality. An internet connection of approx. 10 Mbps is sufficient for an expansion with e. g. video telephony or Unified Communications features.

5. Is flexibility important to you?

Your company is changing and you are looking for a telephone system that you can expand flexibly? With the cloud telephone system , you can respond to your current business needs at short notice: With one click, you can add or cancel new extensions monthly via the web interface. This means that you only pay for the services you really need. Your communication adapts to your situation and not vice versa!

6. Do you want to save costs?

Save yourself the investment in a large, expensive and permanently installed telephone system. Save on maintenance and service contracts. With a cloud telephone system, you can make calls up to 62% cheaper than with a traditional telephone system.

If you answer all your questions, you only have to choose the right provider and your ticket to the cloud is booked. Even though we are convinced that the toplink cloud telephone system is the best in the German market, here is a comparison of providers if you want to look at alternatives.

By the way: Even when you’re on holiday, your cloud telephone system will be working hard. Redundant built up, you connect all employees, customers and even mobile devices 24/7 with almost one click.

Have fun on your journey.

Have we aroused your interest? Then come and visit us. You will love the toplink cloud telephone system.

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