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Cloud telephone system rocks at ‘Rock am Ring’.

In the first two parts of our series we have introduced typical business customers to you: These were above all situations ”with a permanent company headquarters”.

The toplink cloud telephone system: powerful, fail-safe and always available.

But what about events such as trade fairs, festivals, sporting events or other major events that require a powerful telephony solution for a limited period of time? And who find a local network infrastructure that is sometimes more or less adequate to guarantee a need-covering telephony solution? We would like to introduce you to such an event situation from our daily business, which we have just successfully mastered.

Step 1: Analysis of the actual situation of the festival ”Rock am Ring”.

With over 90,000 visitors, ”Rock am Ring” is the largest German rock festival. 1 million tons of steel, 1,500 tons of technology, more than 1,200 employees and over 80 bands on various stages give an impression of the festival’s magnitude. After 29 years at the Nürburgring, the festival celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Mendig airfield in the Eifel region. The shut-down airport offers enough space for the huge festival area. The catch, however, is that there is no infrastructure on site: Every single stage part, every fence and every table has to be transported to the grounds especially for the event. Accordingly, there is neither a functioning network nor sufficient lines on site, and certainly no high-tech telephony solution.

Step 2: Individual requirements of ”Rock am Ring”

The organizer needs a powerful telephony solution for about 2 weeks, which is absolutely fail-safe and always available, so that the employees can communicate with each other at any time. In this case, one cannot rely exclusively on the mobile phone network in this case, since mobile networks are susceptible to collapsing during major events due to overload. Especially in critical situations a well-functioning communication is indispensable, so that no organizer would take a risk in this respect. In order to guarantee smooth running of the festival, not only communication between the stages, backstage, front stage and service areas must be guaranteed at all times. The connection to the Red Cross or the police must also be unrestricted. Since there is no usable network infrastructure on the site, you are looking for a temporary solution that can be set up and dismantled quickly. The demands are high: Highest quality and performance, absolutely fail-safe, always available, quick to assemble and disassemble and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Step 3: Research and contact

The organizer outsources the area of network communication to ”Riedel Networks”, a worldwide experienced service provider for data communication at major events such as festivals, Formula 1 races or the G7 summit. In order to build up a sufficient network infrastructure on the festival grounds from scratch, they lay 16 km of fiber optic cables, 60 switches and 7 MediorNet frames. For the telecommunications sector, ”Riedel Networks” is looking for an external partner who works fast, flexible and solution-oriented and who has professional know-how to cope with this mammoth task. Due to numerous recommendations from the industry, ”Riedel Networks” opts for toplink GmbH.

The result: The toplink solution proposal

After thorough consultation, toplink makes an offer that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the service provider and the festival. As a basis, toplink recommends an Internet-based telephone connection – the product is called SIP Business – with 150 voice channels: This means that up to 150 simultaneous outgoing conversations and an unlimited number of incoming calls are possible on the festival grounds. With the SIP Business connection, employees’ telephones are connected to the toplink cloud telephone system via an Internet connection. Riedel Networks provides a sufficiently scaled broadband Internet connection to ensure a secure connection.

The client is absolutely delighted

As our telephone system is operated exclusively in the cloud, no equipment or hardware installation on site is necessary. This saves a lot of costs that would otherwise be incurred during installation, maintenance and electricity costs. It can be set up and used in any place, however remote, as long as an appropriate Internet connection is available. Both the SIP Business telephone connection and the cloud telephone system can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of the event. Speak: No matter whether you need 10,100 or 1,000 powerful telephone lines at short notice: For toplink, this is no problem at all, we can handle it with just a few clicks.

The organizer is particularly enthusiastic about the fact that internal calls in the toplink network are free of charge: This means that all festival staff can make free calls to each other.

toplink Cloud telephone system Rock am Ring

During the course of the festival, the toplink cloud telephone system was put to the test. Friday night a heavy thunderstorm came up and flooded the festival area completely. The shows had to be interrupted just before the lightning struck several times. The good news: According to the medical director, nobody was seriously injured at the festival. The even better news: Our cloud phone system ran absolutely trouble-free. ”With toplink, we had a super-experienced team that provided us with the entire telephone solution excellently. There was no communication span and the organizer was extremely satisfied because the system ran smoothly and stable in every situation. This is simply the prerequisite for fast communication in critical situations,” says Michael Martens, Managing Director of Riedel Networks.

And what does that have to do with me?

Are you confronted with a situation similar to the ”Rock am Ring” festival and need a powerful and fail-safe telephony solution for an event in the shortest possible time, without being able to make use of an appropriate infrastructure? Are you looking for a provider who works quickly, flexibly and solution-oriented and has professional know-how? Then you should contact us: We will find an individual solution for you that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Stay tuned!

Next week we will introduce you to the next customer example: A new starting situation requires an individual solution. But no problem for your toplink telecommunications specialists!

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