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7 reasons to communicate more efficiently with Skype for Business

”An amazing invention. But who should ever want to use them?” The fact that American President Rutherford B. Hayes got it totally wrong on the occasion of the invention of the telephone has gone down in history as a famous anecdote.

However, the fact that the good old dial plate has developed into an interactive, multifunctional and cloud-based tool for teamwork, which is already revolutionizing our communication today, but even more so in the coming years, has not yet penetrated all companies. That’s why we’ve put together the seven most important facts on how to communicate more efficiently with a Unified Communications solution like Skype for Business.

1. Always connected and accessible everywhere

The following situation would be ideal for efficient teamwork within your company: All employees have their offices on the same floor, in the same building or at least on the same location. Questions or concerns can be clarified quickly in person or they can be discussed during the coffee break in the corridor. That’s how it should be, but the reality is often different: The sales staff are on the road with customers, various employees work part-time in their home office and can therefore only be reached by mobile phone. The accounting department is located on the 4th floor in building C, but nobody really knows where it is. Mr. Maier from the head office has not answered e-mails for several days and is not answering the phone. The fact that he’s on vacation for two weeks didn’t make it to the branch. You’ll find out: The ”small official way” becomes a communicative obstacle course. A study by McKinsey has found that over 60% of working time is used to coordinate collaboration. That costs you a lot of time, money and nerves.

It’s easier with Skype for Business: Your employees can be reached anywhere on the landline number, regardless of whether they are in a field, in the car, in the home office or in the branch abroad. As long as they have an Internet connection, customers and employees can reach them under their usual office number. Of course, you can keep your usual phone numbers when you switch from an analog or ISDN connection to Skype for Business: We will take care of your smooth migration. By the way: The presence status allows you to see at a glance whether an employee is currently available, in a conversation, in a meeting or not in at all. This saves a lot of time when you try to reach the other person in vain.

2. Improve your collaboration

Skype for Business makes virtual meetings, product presentations or training for customers and employees a simple, interactive exercise. 94% of users of videoconferencing systems with desktop-sharing options confirm that this significantly improves efficiency and productivity. What Skype for Business means for you: Simple and interactive collaboration with all locations and branches as well as efficient project management through high user-friendliness. How to turn colleagues into a team! At the same time, you save travel costs and improve your carbon footprint.

3. Flexible, scalable and cost effective

The investment in a physical telephone system as well as the associated maintenance and the appropriately trained personnel will become superfluous in the future. With Skype for Business, you can rely on a complete cloud-based communications solution and quickly respond to your current business needs: With one click you can add or remove licenses for new employees on the intuitive user interface every month. This means that you only pay for the services you really need. And this starting at €4.99 per month per employee.

4. Increase employee satisfaction

According to a study by Forrester Research, 53% of all surveyed employees would be willing to work more hours if they had the flexibility to choose the place and time to do so. Also interesting: 37% of all employees say they are the most creative outside the office. As an employer, use this potential: Offer your employees more flexibility and thus increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees.

5. Security and privacy

Data security is our top priority. Certified, encrypted and hosted in Germany. Data protection and encryption of your data against misuse are basic components of our Skype for Business systems. Our AES-256bit-end-to-end encryption is the most widely used encryption standard for governments, banks and high-security systems worldwide. Microsoft-certified encryption of our VoIP connections and SIP trunks also secures your external communication. The toplink cloud is operated in highly secure data centers in Germany and is of course subject to strict German data protection regulations.

6. Server integration: Exchange and SharePoint

Skype for Business offers complete and seamless integration with all Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. For example, telephone or web conferences can be initiated directly from the Skype for Business client or the presence status is automatically displayed.

7. Sit virtually opposite your conversation partners at the table

Nothing like a personal contact?! Exactly, we agree with that. That’s why Skype for Business has an extensive range of features that make virtual collaboration as personal and enjoyable as possible: With chat, audio and video calling, screen sharing, desktop sharing, presence display and other valuable tools, Skype for Business Meeting feels like you’re in the meeting room together.

By the way: Microsoft has just renamed Lync as Skype for Business. So far, the changes except for the name and a slightly modified interface are quite marginal. We will of course keep you up to date on the toplink blog about all changes. Stay connected!

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