5 steps to successful migration to cloud telephony

Many companies will be facing this step in the next few years: ISDN will be switched off successively until 2018 at the latest, and VoIP telephony will be the technology used. The question is now: Will you once again invest in a traditional telephone…

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TrustCom successfully prevents fee fraud

In this article, we will show you how to successfully protect your business communication against fee fraud. Unfortunately, telephone fraud is nothing new: Telephone pickups, the grandson trick, spam SMS messages that promise to win a lottery…

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Problem child customer service an attempt to explain

In view of the numerous reports of annoyed users of the customer service department of telecommunications service providers, one could assume that the telecommunications industry did not understand the meaning of the words ” service ” or…

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Communication today: Friendliness alone is not enough!

Our contributing author Dr. Klaus-Ulrich Moeller calls for a ” Responsibility matrix ” for UCC solutions. Everyone has experienced it: A technical malfunction occurs – be it in telephony, the DSL connection or both – and a person in charge must…

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The new world of communication: Dream or nightmare?

A few weeks ago, a good acquaintance of mine asked me why the image of our mobile and telecommunications providers in Germany was so bad. He couldn ’ t have imagined it in his wildest dreams. Then he, a successful self-employed entrepreneur, told me…

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