International locations: Reduce telephony costs and increase data protection

Companies with locations in different countries often have the problem that for international locations they are dependent on a telephone system of a provider from the respective country with corresponding national telephone numbers. This can entail…

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7 reasons why a cloud PBX is worthwhile for your business

” There are three incisive events in the life of every office worker: Firstly, a change of manager, secondly, the death of the pot plant and thirdly, a new telephone system: ” We sincerely wish your pot plant all the best ” , but we can confirm the…

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The 7 main advantages of VoIP

It has already started: By 2018, one of the biggest changes in the history of telecommunications will be completed. Deutsche Telekom will switch off all analog and ISDN connections for companies and convert its entire network to IP-based connections…

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5 Reasons for cloud-based video conferencing

Managing directors and IT decision-makers in German medium-sized businesses have one thing in common: They need the right information to make sound decisions - both for the IT department they run and for the entire company. How well are IT…

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Focus on security: Why VoIP telephony is much securer than ISDN

If you want to secure your VoIP telephony as much as possible and protect it against eavesdropping attacks, encrypted SIP trunks are the solution of your choice! However, you can only achieve 100% security if all callers are on the same network…

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