10 Digital Buzzwords You Should Know

# 1 Cloud Computing The “cloud” is the talk of the town, but its meaning remains cloudy. Cloud computing describes the approach of making numerous applications available over a computer network without having these services installed on a local…

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With social collaboration to digital transformation

Social Collaboration , i. e. the use of modern collaboration tools for new forms of intra-company, is an important precursor to digital transformation for many companies. Facebook, YouTube or WhatsApp – social networks have changed the way we…

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Workplace 4.0

After mechanization, mass production and automation, the economy is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Driven by the internet, real and virtual worlds are converging into an Internet of Things. Yet what should not be lost sight of…

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Why IT managers choose video conferencing

Video conferencing is increasingly becoming a widespread and efficient form of business communication. Companies like to use it to efficiently establish communication geographically dispersed teams between sales, marketing, product management…

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Fax connection with VoIP: How to make it right

Our customers are affected to a varying extent by the deactivation of ISDN, depending on whether their existing telephone system is only running on ISDN or whether the new IP standard (VoIP) is already supported. When migrating from ISDN to VoIP or…

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